Nice’s best belt-busting burgers

If visions of juicy, sizzling patties, melting cheese and fat pillowy buns make your mouth water, then you’ll want to get your hands around one of these glorious burgers and scoff yourself silly.

Some are made from 100% certified organic meat meticulously cut by hand. Others are just made with, you know, beef. [WARNING: Just because they’re gourmet it doesn’t mean you won’t turn into a fat turd.]


Maison Gusto Serious Burger

Though the “poshification” of burgers has been steadily sweeping the world, Nice has only recently opened its first upscale, dedicated burger restaurant. Who doesn’t want to eat an overpriced burger with a cute name off a breadboard? Formerly competing with the likes of Vinivore and Rosalina on Rue Lascaris, Gusto now sets itself apart with a short menu of six “serious” burgers ranging from the classic Gusto burger (14€) to the Super Suit (23€) with onions confits and foie gras poêlé. The toppings may sound pretentious, but the all-ages crowd is not. It’s a mixed bunch in a beautifully designed space with low lighting and a great play list. And don’t you just love eating hand-cut fries out of cone-shaped white porcelain? I know I do.
Bring your appetite and loose-fitting pants. 12 rue Lascaris, 06300


Don’t let the modest exterior fool you. This is not a greasy late night kebab joint, it’s a cheerful, meticulously run little take out café with an owner so accommodating and smiley that you want to pop him in your pocket and take him with you too. Lovely Adrian has also achieved the golden ratio of tomatoes to onions to lettuce to pickles on top of the tenderest beef and the creamiest cheese. And I’m talking about the chèvre burger with spicy, chipotle-style sauce on top (ask for “Algerian sauce”) because it’s so sensational it’s the only one I ever order. If it wasn’t for my narcissistic need to avoid being morbidly obese, I would eat this burger every day. 5 rue Arson, 06300

Café des Chineurs

Le Double Cheeseburger. Wow-wee. This café is a class act in every way and you wouldn’t expect anything less from the burgers. They have the freshest buns from the boulangerie, top-quality meat from the Saint-Francois butcher and a homemade sauce to-die-for. It’s what a Big Mac would be in it’s wildest dreams. Afterwards, you will probably dream about this burger and then wake up all sweaty needing another. In the interest of research (not greed, you understand) I also tried the Gonzales Burger – cheddar, avocado, chili sauce & red onions. You’ll drive your face into it, drop sauce all down your chin, have rivers running through your fingers and probably not look up until it’s finished – but it’’ll be worth it. 1 rue Cassini, 06300

La Petite Syrah

Now, please note that this burger is not always on the short ever-changing blackboard menu. But those familiar with La Petite Syrah will know that it’s in a class of its own and that anything Fabrice and Patricia rustle up is beyond excellent. Expect a succulent brioch-ey bun filled with top-quality hand-cut beef, avocado, onions, tomatoes and cheddar. Not to mention a side of thin, super-crisp frites that everyone will pinch. But you can forget picking up this burger. The top bun is several miles way from the bottom. 13 rue Cassini, 06300

Juke house café

The first time I sampled Le Hot Burger it wasn’t my burger. It was a friend’s burger but it tasted so so good that I snatched it and it became my burger. Since then we send each other gloating picture texts whenever we have Le Hot Burger in our hands. If you don’t like it, it would make me very sad and angry. Go hard, go home and fall into a food coma. 8 rue Defly, 06000

Deli Bo

Purists will insist that this is not a real burger since it’s not in a traditional bun. But who says a burger can’t be in a bagel? Screw them! It’s utterly delish and it doesn’t hurt that it comes with the most heavenly potatoes that you say you won’t finish but you will. Plus this is, hands down – apart from when it’s midnight at a train station and you have no standards – one of the prettiest places to eat a burger ever. 5 rue Bonaparte, 06000

Have you tried a burger in Nice that deserves to be on this list? Don’t be greedy – share!

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